Kojagari Puja 2023 Date, Vidhi, Significance | Kaise Kare Kojagari Lakshmi Puja

Kojagari Puja Date and Time

Kojagari Puja is 28th October 2023

Kojagari Puja start date and time

Kojagari Puja start date and time 11:42 PM on 28th October,2023

Kojagari Puja end date and time

Kojagari Puja end date and time 12:30 AM on 29th Octobee,2023

Significance of Kojagari Puja

Kojagari Puja is celebrated by Bengalis. People in West Bengal Celebrates Kojagari Puja with a lot of enthusiasm. It is believed that on this day Ma Lakshmi visits our houses and blesses us with prosperous and wealthy life. It is believed that Ma Lakshmi blesses everyone with wealth and properity who wakes up entire night on Kojagari Puja. On this day people worship Ma Lakshmi with very much devotion.

How to do Kojagari Lakshmi Puja at home?

  1. On the day of Kojagari Puja you need to wake up early in the morning before the sunrise.
  2. Keep the house clean as Ma Lakshmi comes only to clean the house.
  3. Take a bath in the early morning.
  4. Wear clean and new clothes on Kojagari Puja day.
  5. People observing Kojagari Puja have to keep fast all day.
  6. You can place Ma Lakshmi photo or murti in your puja room.
  7. The Kojagari Puja is usually done in the evening.
  8. You can offer clothes to Ma Lakshmi. Most preferred color is red 
  9. Light a ghee diya in front of Ma Lakshmi.
  10. Offer fruits , sweets and flowers to Ma Lakshmi.
  11. After that perform Ma Laksmi Aarti with full devotion.
  12. Recite aarti of maa lakshmi loudly so that you voice reaches every corner of your house.
  13. It is said that Ma Lakshmi visits our houses on this day.
  14. You need to be awake the whole night as it is said that Ma Lakshmi comes in the night and whoever is awake she blesses them with wealth and prosperity.
  15. Once Puja is done , prasad is offered to Ma lakshmi. After that prasad should be distributed amongst other people.
  16. On this day Kheer is prepared as a bhog for Ma Lakshmi. Kheer Bhog is offered to Ma Lakshmi.


This article has all the details about Kojagari Lakshmi Puja. Kojagari Lakshmi Puja is celebrated by Bengalis with very much enthusiasm. Let me know in the comment section if i missed any important information. I will add that information.

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