Vijaydashmi 2023 Start Date and End Date with all details

Vijaydashmi 2023 Start date and end date with all details

Vijaydashmi is one of the most important festival of India and is observed on 10th day of Navaratri. Vijaydashmi is observed to celebrate of good over evil. On this day Lord Ram killed Ravana thats why we celebrate Vijaydashmi. All over the country Vijaydashmi is celebrated by buring the idol of Ravana. North India celebrated Vijaydashmi with lots of enthusiasm.

Vijayadashami 2023 ka kab hai

Vijaydashmi Tuesday 24th October 2023 ko hai.

Vijayadashami 2023 mein kab hoga

Vijayadashmi 2023 me October me hai. Vijaydashmi Tuesday, 24th Ocobter , 2023 ko hai.

Vijayadashami Festival 2023 Significance

Vijayadashmi Festival 2023 in India is very important. It  has a symbolic significane in Hindu tradition and culture.
  1. Lord Rama is worshipped because he defeated evil.
  2. Mata Sita who is wife of Lord Rama was kidnapped by evil Ravana.
  3. Lord Rama with the help of Bhagwan Hanuman and his aides vanar sena burnt the lanka which was a golden paradise of Ravana.
  4. Hanumanji helped Lord Ram and his brother Laxman to rescue mata Sita.
  5. There was a big war between Lord ram and ravana.
  6. Ultimately Lord Rama defeated Ravana and brought back Mata Sita.
  7. Thus Vijayadashmi is celebrated for win of  good over evil.

Vijayadashmi Ravan dahan time

Ravan Dahan usually happens in the evening. Ravan dahan happens because on Vijayadashmi Lord Ram defeated Ravana. Ravan Dahan symbolises win of good over evil. Ravan Dahan time is from 5:00 PM in the evening on 24th October

What to do on Vijayadashmi 2023 ?

  1. On Vijayadashmi people should worship Ma Durga.
  2. You can worship Ma Durga on Vijayadashmi by keeping books around the idol. You can offer flowers and sindur. You can light the incense stick and diya and pray to Ma Durga for blessings.
  3. Usually people also worship Ganesha Bhagwan and Kartikeya God also.
  4. You can worship these god.
  5. After worshipping Ma Durga , Lord Ram and Ganesha you can immerse the God pictures and idol into water.
  6. If there is a water body nearby like Pond or ocean you can immerse the idol in that water body.
  7. On Vijaydashmi Durga Ma idol visarjan is done.

Frequently asked Questions

Vijayadashami Festival 2023 date

Vijayadashmi is celebrated on 23rd – 24th October 2023. On this day ravana is burnt all over India.

Dussehra 2023 start Date and End date

Dusshera 2023 start date 20th October 2023 | Dusshera 2023 end date 24th October

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