Govardhan Puja 2023 Date, Time , Vidhi, Significance

Govardhan Puja 2023 Date, Time , Vidhi, Significance

Govardhan Puja Date and time

Govardhan Puja start date 06:54 am – 08:52 am on 14th, November, 2023.

Govardhan Puja end date 15th November , 2023

Govardhan Puja Significance

Govardhan Puja is one of the most important festivals of Hindus. Govardhan Puja is celebrated in order to worship Lord Krishna. It is said that on this day Lord Krishna saved the people of Vrindavan. There was heavy rainfall in Vrindavan so much that the entire city could be flooded. To save the people of Vrindavan Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan Parvat to protect Vrindavan from heavy rainfall. On this day Lord Krishna is worshiped and the devotees offer him prayer , bhajan and food. Govardhan Puja signifies that God will protect us all.

When is Govardhan Puja Celebrated ?

Govardhan Puja is Celebrated after 4 days of Diwali. Govardhan Puja is celebrated where devotees offer grain and food to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna stopped God Indra who is God of rain who was creating a havoc and flood like situation in Vrindavan. Lord Krishna stopped Indra Bhagwan by lifting Govardhan parvat on his finger and stopping the rainfall on vrindavan.

How to do Govardhan Puja at home?

  1. Wake Up early in the morning take a bath
  2. Keep your house clean on this day
  3. Wear clean and new clothes
  4. Never do Govardhan Puja inside a closed room. Govardhan puja should be done outside and not in closed area
  5. If you have a cow then you can clean the cow and worship gau mata.
  6. On this day people pray about the wellbeing of their family and kids.
  7. To start your govardhan puja you need to create Govardhan Parvat. 
  8. You can create Govardhan Paravt by using cow dung.
  9. You need to decorate the parvat using flowers and kumkum
  10. Prepare Prasadam and Offer it to Lord Krishna.
  11. After offering prasadam to Lord Krishna you can offer it to you family members , neighbors and other devotees.
  12. It is considered sacred to offer prasadam to people.

What to prepare for Govardhan Puja Prasad ?

Vrindavan was a city of farmers, cow reared so people in Vrindavan used to eat mostly grains, cereals, milk and vegetables. That’s why on this day the food should be prepared, which is a combination of above. We should try to avoid eating non-veg food on this day.

  1. Chappan Bhog– On Govardhan Puja you can prepare a chappan bhog and offer it to krishna bhagwan. You can also buy a chappan bhog from a sweet shop and offer it as a prasadam to Krishan Bhagwan.
  2. Vegetables – It is customary to prepare a vegetable sabzi on Govardhan puja. You can use leafy  vegetables.
  3. Milk Dessert – You can prepare a desert which is made of milk like Kheer, khova , sewai etc
  4. Panchamrit – Prepare a panchamrit on Govardhan Puja day and offer it to Krishna Bhagwan

What to wear on Govardhan Puja

  1. We should wear some vibrant color on Govardhan Puja
  2. Avoid wearing dark color or black color clothes on Govardhan puja day.
  3. Women can wear red, yellow, orange,green sarees
  4. These colors are light colors and give a positive vibe.
  5. You can also wear variations of these colors.


I hope this article on Govardhan Puja 2023 clears all your doubts. If you have any questions to ask you write in the comment section. I will address your questions

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