Dhanteras Puja 2023 Date - What to buy and avoid on Dhanteras

Dhanteras Puja 2023 Date , Time, Vidhi , Significance

Dhanteras is usually celebrated a few days before Diwali. Usually it is 2 days before Diwali. On Dhanteras people buy property , or some products. People buy gold, silver or other kinds of things that are believed to bring prosperity to the household. Buying on this day is considered to be auspicious and sacred. It is believed that Ma Lakshmi, who is goddess of wealth, comes to our household and blesses us with prosperity.

Dhanteras Puja date and time

  • Dhanteras 2023 is going to be celebrated on Friday 10th November 2023
  • Dhanteras Puja 2023 time 
  • starts from 6:19 PM to 8:23 PM on 10th November 2023
  • This time is the most auspicious for Dhanteras Puja. Its an ideal puja muhurat

Dhanteras Puja vidhi at home

  1. You can wake up early in the morning .
  2. Clean the house and take a bath.
  3. It is believed Ma Lakshmi comes only to clean households. So always keep your house clean.
  4. Dhanteras puja is usually done in the evening.
  5. You can clean Ma Lakshmi idols or pictures that you have.
  6. You can offer flowers to  Ma Lakshmi
  7. In Prasadam you can offer grains like wheat and pulses.
  8. Draw a small foot on the entrance of your house. Foot should be entering into your house.
  9. It is believed that these feet are the entrance of Ma Lakshmi into our house and she brings prosperity and wealth along with her.
  10. You can bring out your costly items like gold, silver, platinum or money. You can clean them with Gangajal.
  11. After that you need to worship Ma Lakshmi.
  12. Recite Dhanteras kath and pray to Ma Lakshmi.
  13. Recite Lakshmi Mantra and perform arti to Ma Laksmi.


What to buy on Dhanteras ?

Dhanteras is a day of buying. Buying on this day brings good well and prosperity to the household. It also brings wealth to the family.

  1. Gold – You can buy gold jewelry , gold coins or gold biscuits. You can buy any gold item on Dhanteras. Gold is very sacred and is believed to bring in more wealth to the family
  2. Silver – You can buy silver items. You can buy silver utensils, silver coins, silver spoons or silver jewelry. Silver is also very sacred. Buying silver is auspicious .
  3. Property – On Dhanteras you can buy properties like a plot, house, flat, shop. Buying properties on this day welcomes more wealth to your house.
  4. Vehicles – Vehicles are also considered to be good luck if you buy them on Dhanteras. Many people buy vehicles like bikes, cars , trucks , lorries or some kind of automobile on this day.
  5. Household Items – You can also buy household items on this day which are made of peetal. Buying peetal utensils is considered auspicious on this day.

What not to buy on Dhanteras?

There are certain things which we should avoid buying especially on Dhanteras as they can be considered bad luck.

  1. Sharp things- Things like knives, needles , cutters, scissors. We should avoid buying sharp things on dhanteras
  2. Shape changing objects – We should avoid objects that change their shape or are used to change the shape of other objects. Example knives, scissors etc
  3. Iron Utensils – Avoid buying iron utensils on Dhanteras. Rather you can buy peetal utensils which are considered to be lucky.
  4. Glassware – Don’t buy glass items on Dhanteras which can break. It is considered unlucky to buy glass objects because they are supposed to break which is supposed to bring bad luck.


I hope this article on Dhanteras Puja 2023 helps clear all your doubt. Stay tuned for more such updates.

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